Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Diversity: A Craft Of Thinking Independently Together

It is always considered better to work in a team rather than working alone – this is the key to success when it comes to working on a project and otherwise also.The real power comes from the people around us. With the right team, we can change the face of business.

It is generally observed that when everyone in the team is alike, it is much easier to get along. But than it does not give you diversity in thoughts, skills, perspectives and exposures.

Stephen Covey has rightly said “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities “

We exactly live and breathe in a diverse world but we often tend to forget to take a moment and appreciate on how many opportunities and possibilities such an environment offers us. In life it is natural.

To me workplace means a lot and a workplace with a diverse team means much more than that.In professional life, to build a diverse team in workplace, an amazing thing is that it requires conscious thought, persistent efforts and focused action .The leaders are supposed to have deliberate thinking process to select the qualities they prefer and put the systems in place to make it happen. One has to deliberately assemble an unusual crew to have diversity.

If you throw a lot of people at the problem with an electric and unusual background, you are more likely to come up with different answers. Diversity brings innovation. It is well acknowledged that diversity drives high performance in the team.

To build a successful team, one needs thrill seekers, risk takers, doers and most importantly diverse thinkers. A leader, to encourage and to take maximum advantage of diverse teams, should ensure cool, open and caring work culture with policy , of pushing people to pursue their passion .Here ensuring greater harmony among the group of people of diverse background plays an important role.

A benefit of a diverse workforce throws an opportunity to tap in to the many talents which employees from vivid backgrounds, different perspectives, abilities and disabilities bring in to the workplace. A diverse body of talent with fresh ideas, unique thinking and different views act as one of the essential ingredients to a company’s long term success. 

Organisations world over are increasingly dependent on diverse teams for developing innovative products and services, making decisions and improving efficiency.It becomes a crucial aspect for long term cultural agility and it makes the workplace most enjoyable and interesting place for an employee to work.

In this era of mounting complexity,with more people,systems and products ,entwined in a bewildering web of global networks - diverse teams and diversity at workplace emerge as an enormously valuable tool to lead an organisation to greater success.

What are your plans and diversity strategy? 

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