Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Corporate Lesson by Sultan Mirza in ' Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai '

This is one of the few write ups I like the most - from the personal kitty ,thought to share here today. 
Jab dost bana kar kaam ho sakta hai to dushman kyon banaye ' ; quips Ajay Devgan as Sultan Mirza in ' Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai
An Indian blockbuster movie - I was watching one fine night and got to learn the finest corporate lesson of making more and more friends at workplace......From ' colleagues ' to ' comrades ' .  

The strong message in his punch lines emphasizes the need to develop and maintain " good - friendly relationship " and " making friends at workplace ".This makes the workplace enjoyable and the work environment more conducive to productivity.This drives his / her motivation,make the work atmosphere more friendly.The mantra of a happy work environment is to know each other reasonably well.Such a gesture would make our own work very easy and others comfortable while dealing with us.   

In today's swiftly growing economy with immense competition,our performance is entirely depend on our ability to make  friends.  In such a scenario, we must strive and think as to how different segments  can create a win-win preposition for the organization and how all the functions can 'nurture' mutual respect for one other in the overall interest of the organization.

We have to be likable and for that we would need to work on our skills.Those small courtesy gestures,broader and open mindset, those mannerisms - cumulatively play a vital role in making our task easier and getting our work done in a smooth manner.  

Of  all we have to be good human being and have consideration for the people we work with. They ONLY will take us long.Remember the value of a life is  measured by the lives it touches. Success does not happen in isolation. It is very always a participative and  collective process. 

Happy Budding !!!  


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