Thursday, 20 March 2014

9 Tips for Setting The Anchor Rightly To Ensure Safety In Troublous Times

A rising tide lifts all boats. But a falling tide does the maximum damage to those boats that are poorly anchored. If your boats are rightly anchored, it could keep you out of a lot of trouble. Setting that anchor correctly could be the only thing that keeps you and your boat from drifting onto the beach or up onto the rocks.

In business, a leader can do so with the right advice that he receives as counselling tips from  his experienced and seasoned mentors.

Every one of us gets quite a bit of advice in our lives. It is always free.Often, the best advice is unsolicited. It always leaves a mark. Deeply embedded in our memory, we remember it while casting about for answers and brainstorming solutions to vexing problems, challenges, or situations. Successful entrepreneurship is all about choosing which advice will work for us, help us flourish and to profit maximum from it. And no, when we say profit, we do not mean “making money “.

In high growth times, when things are going great, we can certainly afford to overlook  these valuable sharing but when the things are turning down  ,we tend to forget- ignore these small yet powerful wise advises  .This package of sage and priceless advice is apt for turbulence times.
  1. Help People Thrive By Creating Sustainable Performance: Creating the conditions for thriving requires constant engagement and concerted attention by the leader. If a leader gives his employees a chance to learn and grow, help them grow and remain energised at work, they will thrive and so will the organisation.
  2. Employ The Right Person - Hire Excellence: As a leader, one needs to find the right team, which can not only build a great product or strategy but also attract a great group of people who can actually realise the vision.
  3. Your Inner Voice Is Your Best Buddy: In adversity and in the most trying times, our values which shape the inner voice can guide us to the right decision. If all predictions, statistics’, data and analysis and also the larger company wisdom drive you in one direction, but your DEEP INNER CORE is not comfortable - DON'T DO IT! Likewise, if most people tell you it is a too risky a move or  it's not a good idea whether it is business or people, but you deeply feel it is the right thing to do - Listen to your inner voice. Trust your judgment. Follow your belief without fear.
  4. Always Chose To Take The Highway – The Main Road : When you have a highway to reach a destination, do not choose lanes and by lanes.
  5. Managing Risks Intelligently : Risk management is nothing but a disciplined approach in value creation and it is a rigour of improving the probability of survival and success, especially in uncertain and complex environment. As a leader, one has to take only one degree turns in war situations as one needs to minimize his or her exposure and risk. Large turns can happen during peace-time.
  6. Keeping Your Worst Critic Closest To You: As they say, your worst critic could well turn out to be your best friend. If you care to listen, you will at least be aware of the possibilities and implications, before you make up your mind.
  7. Create new game – new normal - next practise: Challenge the status quo and to not be daunted by a change in orbit. Identify new possibilities by focusing on the weak signals. Amplifying these signals and leveraging the opportunities that emerge from them offer businesses the ability to continuously reinvent themselves. This is what we call the Next Practice." The Next Practice is about "creating new rules and a new game".
  8. Always Question Everything And Fearlessly: The easy way in out in any situation is to accept things as they are. Questioning helps you invite change and open new possibilities. So question fearlessly, and you will end up finding answers you never thought of.
  9. Try New Ideas – Take Tough Decisions And Turn A Challenge In To Opportunity: Don't just shy away from trying newer ideas and taking tough decisions, because it is your ability to think differently – out of the box and to take tough decisions that often yield the best outcomes. The road less traveled could turn out to be fascinating and wondrous; just know the other side, so you are well prepared.

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