Sunday, 5 January 2014

Connect, Engage and Focus: 5 Enablers of Effective Communication

As the entire corporate world is witnessing a paradigm shift in systems, processes, strategies, it would warrant creation of new competencies and capabilities on an on-going basis for which an environment of continuous learning would have to be created so as to enhance knowledge and skills.

In the information age, we have to send, receive, and process huge numbers of messages every day. The communication in all forms and on daily basis is utmost importance. Both giving and receiving.

It is often that communication determines success. It is simply impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator .Communication is most talked and least understood area of human behaviour.

Effective communication is rarely taught and even rarely learnt in our society. Effective communication helps us better understand a person or situation and enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection, and caring can flourish. Superior communication skills are unquestionably vital to living a life by your own design.

How can you galvanize, inspire or guide others if you don’t communicate in a clear, credible, authentic way?

Here are the five enablers of effective communication.

Making It Simple
Effective leaders distil complex thoughts and strategies into simple, memorable terms that colleagues and customers can grasp and act upon. If you’re having trouble distilling something to its essence, it may be that you don’t understand it.

Aristotle was asked to tell his philosophy in two simple words: He said : simplify… simplify

The purpose of language is to convey the meaning. If you can do so with minimum and simple words-you have won.I am poor at remembering words. My vocabulary comprises of  300 words in all.But I have never felt short of words while expressing myself as I came to know that many of us have the same kind of vocabulary.

If we come across a word we do not know, we would refer a good dictionary, but if  we see so many words we do not know, we stop reading !!!!! In other words the reader would lose the pleasure of reading when he passes through the words, not known to him or difficult to understand.

Connect, Engage and Focus
Often, executives will opt for the sanitized “corporate voice” instead of their own because they think the former is more eloquent; more appropriate. Understand the environment,the audience ( at receiving end ) ,the culture and try and communicate in their language.This way you will be able to connect directly and engage effectively with your audience be it verbal or written communication.

Be Genuine and Real
People respect real. People follow real. Don’t disguise who you are. Be genuine, and people will respect you for it.

Be Visible 
Visibility is about letting your key stakeholders get a feel for who you are and what you care about. 

Stop-Look and Listen
Remember that effective communication is two-way. Good leaders know how to ask good questions, and then listen with both their eyes and ears. 

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