Saturday, 8 February 2014

Leading From The Front : Qualities,Habits And Style Of Highly Successful Leaders

I read books, journals, publications, research papers. I read people, personalities their lives and faces too. I read and re-read them and derive the positive things. And the biggest take aways – learnings – are that 
  • Leaders have to be courageous as leadership is all about courage .There is no leadership without courage; courage to do what is right, to admit one's mistakes, to accept that peers can be smarter and better, and to take tough and unpleasant decisions.
  • The most successful leaders - most of them in the world have been utmost humble and down to earth. They are simple, easy to understand and approachable enough.
  • They value people and their emotions. They treat them kindly. They are empathetic and able to see things from other's perspective.
  • They understand that it is a small world and word travels quickly, people have long memories, good deeds will be rewarded and slights are never forgotten. So do not burn any bridge and do not try to make any enemies - you never know where people will show up again in your life.
  • They are sincere and honest in their dealings 
  • They are knowledge hungry ,understand business well
  • They are self-aware 
  • They are avid readers and they communicate well
  • They are good orators - most of them 
  • They throw positive energy 
  • They carry lot of wisdom 
  • They have good sense of humour 
  • They can visualize .They reduce complexity and make things simple.
  • They think differently – to innovate. They practise Quality.
  • They are themselves. They know that they know. They are brand within and in outside world
  • They motivate others to excel , build confidence in others and provoke positive change 
  • They encourage smart risk taking and credit others for their success 
  • They can draw strength from adversity 
  • An effective leader understands PR well and uses it too.Peter F Drucker,the well-known management guru, had once quoted that one of the top priorities of a business leader is to network, socialize ,and maintain great PR ( Public Relations ). It is all about great relationships that you maintain with your clients, suppliers, stakeholders, peers, employees and every other person you come in the contact with. 

I am eager to know what do you as a reader think about the leaders and their qualities,habits and style.

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