Monday, 11 November 2013

Life Lesson :'Food For Mind and Soul - Good Habits'

Yesterday while talking to one of my colleagues in office,a small thought came up in mind ,made me write today on our habits,but what do we mean by habits.It means repetition of the same action in similar circumstances.

There are good and bad habits .We are all stereotyped creatures of habit.If we make good habits , good habits will make us as nothing is stronger than habit.This is an ancient old wisdom.

A few timeless words can teach us a very powerful lesson.Aristotle once said  " We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence,then,is not an act but a habit "

Habits can make us or break us depending upon its nature.Good habits are tend to make our lives smoother and easier.Bad habits are easy to make ,but extremely hard to end.Good habits ,on the other hand ,tend to take more time to make.But if one practices a good habit for 30 day straight,you are most likely to follow it for a long time.

We must first learn what makes a habit a habit and find the inspiration and discipline we need to overcome some of our negative habits and instill positive ones in our daily routine. Once we can identify the habit loop, good or bad, it is often not that hard to make a change.

Good habits change us for better and that is an empowering thought as good habits lie behind many of these positive changes.There are many but I am sharing here with what I feel most important to develop.
  • Be regular in whatever you do - get on a good schedule
  • Sleep well 
  • Eat healthy diet and at regular intervals during the day .Understand that how making small changes in eating healthy can reap long-term dividends
  • Drink maximum water 
  • Take SUN bath early morning - it rejuvenates your body
  • Learn to exercise and go for a walk 
  • Develop a habit to play at least one sport and do it regularly 
  • Read good stuff,be a regular reader and make reading your routine
  • Do good and be good and develop positive attitude 
  • Practice gratitude 
  • Respect the nature and environment 
  • Practice good hygiene  
  • Respect people ,treat well and love them too
  • Follow your passion and do what you like 
  • Keep smiling - it solves many problems.You can lough out loudly - do not live as if the responsibility to manage the entire universe in on your shoulders.Life is a precious gift - enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Go on vacation and make it a routine
  • Respect and keep faith in the higher power - almighty 
Practicing good habits in our lives, make us and our surrounding happy .There is no doubt that good habits make good human beings.There are many tall leaders ,who became our role models. The reason behind their greatness is, indulging themselves in good habits.

The real key to success is replacing destructive habits with successful habits.To overcome self-defeating attitudes and behaviors - we must understand that we have the power to choose and the power to change.We have the power let go old thinking and adopt the mindset of a champion.

Good habits are no doubt a healthy food for our soul and mind.Try and develop good habits and believe me they are worth being fanatical about.

Unleash the power of good habits 

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