Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hitting The Dart With Maximum Arrows - An Art of Trying

What makes a successful person? Creative ideation , intellectual stimulation ,business acumen are all important ingredients. Even more critical are his willingness to take risk,his ability to call it quits,and confidence to try again and again without losing hope.

If we ponder into the life of any successful individual and we would find that one of the traits that makes him stand out is - The Art of Trying.

An up, close and personal counter with the successful individual will reveal that he may make 100 attempts in a particular period; the unsuccessful person makes 20 attempts. The successful person is not bothered by  the result - he keeps on trying - 90 out of 100 attempts fail but there are 10 that promises success.

It is like Thomas Watson said ; ‘ Would you like me to give you a formula for success ?It’s quite simple,really. Double your rate of failure.’

On the other hand the unsuccessful person makes 20 attempts and going by the same logic, he has just 2 attempts that promise success - he spends majority of time in cursing his luck and makes half-hearted attempts and over a period of time, he does less and less attempts.

The successful person by virtue of the absolute number of success attempts i.e. 10 - grows in confidence and he improves his striking ratio. The unsuccessful person, since he has less number of success attempts gets frustrated over a period of time and spends more time in cursing. 

I think Shah Rukh Khan ( in his film - Om Shanti Om ) was not wrong in saying that when you try from your heart, nature conspires in terms of helping you with a series of favorable events.If you fall behind,run faster .Never give up,never surrender and rise up against the odds.

So, moral of the story is if we want maximum arrows to hit the dart, we have to throw as many arrows as we can on the dart. If we miss the center of the dart, it is okay but it is not okay if we don't make the effort of throwing the dart at all .........

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